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What’s In My Bag? | Summer Edition

Working in a handbag store, I have acquired a strong love for bags over the years. I do change my bag up quite frequently, and at the moment I’m switching between my ‘Michael Kors’ Selma bag, ‘Kate Spade’ and ‘Radley’ Mini Greyfriers Gardens bag. However I do usually put the same in each bag, so… Continue reading What’s In My Bag? | Summer Edition


The Tool Missing From Your Makeup Collection | StylPro

Cleaning your makeup brushes is honestly the worlds most tedious job! So why not have something to make it a lot quicker and also a lot more entertaining? The StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner cleans and dries makeup brushes in a matter of SECONDS! I heard about it after seeing a Facebook video about it, and… Continue reading The Tool Missing From Your Makeup Collection | StylPro


Jaclyn Hill x Morphe | Review

Guess who’s back with another eyeshadow palette review? It’s me! Your favourite eyeshadow palette hoarder! This time I’m going to be telling you about the new Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette collaboration. I am obsessed with Morphe! I love their eyeshadows, brushes, lipsticks, literally everything of theirs! When I saw that they were collaborating with… Continue reading Jaclyn Hill x Morphe | Review